Essentially Pop

"‘Cold Blooded’ is rocky and vibrant, with jangly piano and hard guitars and drums. The vocals are raw and raucous, and the whole song is fun, enticing the listener to play it over and over again."

Modern Mystery

"Taking a page out of the book of artists such as The Strokes and The Vines, the band could easily fall into the nostalgic garage phase in the best possible way."

Vents Magazine

"Calling out bands such as Jet, the video brings this brash exclamation of unrequited love (or un-requited interest?) to life in a boozy black-tie party setting that shows the track in a more whimsical light."


"The Future Babes are quickly becoming a household name with their new single and video in tow for "Dazed." Highly influenced by recent-timeless acts such as The Strokes and Franz Ferdinand, the band bring a high energy piece to the masses, as they impress with every note."


"The album boasts 7 tracks that are loaded with an undeniable rock & roll sound and laced with euphoria. Watch out for this band in the future, because if this is where they start, who knows where they will end."